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Big Screen Center along with many other business' want to encourage everyone to recycle more. That includes all products available on this website! When you have decided it is time to replace your projector screen, you have a recyclable product.

Recycle or donate your audio visual equipment

Shipping projection screens back to the manufacturer for recycling is expensive for you and creates unnecessary emissions. The earth-friendly and budget-friendly choice is to recycle locally.

Donate Your Projector Screen!

If the projection screen being replaced is in usable condition, why not donate it to a school, church, or charitable organization that needs audiovisual equipment. You could even donate your screen to a local thrift store. A projector screen donation is the most efficient form of recycling, and your donation may be tax deductible!

Recycle Your Projector Screen!

If you have an unusable projection screen, it's easy to recycle the content locally. Here are some basic steps:

  1. Separate plastics from metals. In the case of a projection screen, this often means to simply pull off the viewing surface. Some Draper products, such as Salara and certain manual screens, have recyclable ABS plastic end caps which should be separated from the metals and deposited in a mixed recycling drop.

  2. Packaging materials are usually recycled when the product is installed. Almost of of our projector screen's packaging materials and fillers are accepted in almost any mixed recycling drop.

  3. All of the metal and some plastic parts are acceptable in mixed recycling drops. If you do a lot of recycling, you may want to separate the aluminum, steel, and motor parts. Metal recycling centers will pay for these items. They pay a higher rate if you accumulate bins of separated metals (use a magnet to distinguish steel from aluminum).

  4. The motors contain steel and copper. You may have an electronics recycling center in your area who would like to collect your motors and electronic products.

  5. Relatively few recycling centers accept vinyl fabrics with a woven base or backing. These make good tarps or scrap drop cloths, so local contractors or your own installation crew may be able to reuse them.